Case Study

Helping one client increase their online presence and reach a new audience with Cahoot

Our client is a large fraternal organization with over 3200 members. While during their early years they had no trouble attracting members and increasing engagement, over time, they recognized a steady decline in new memberships. Their primary mode of information sharing had been a monthly newsletter, on-premise flyers, and word-of-mouth advertising by existing members. This lack of active interaction led to disconnected engagement amongst members and made the group vulnerable to sharing misinformation. Some of the client’s top goals were:

  • To improve organizational engagement through better communication about group events and activities.
  • To create awareness of the organization and its mission with a new audience.
  • To increase organization membership rates by attracting younger and technologically-oriented individuals.

At Apotheosis Technologies we looked to build a more cohesive and responsive channel of communication for the client. This channel was designed to allow the organization to easily share accurate information about their various events to prospective and existing members.

The solution we designed was the Cahoot Digital Expeience Platform – a content and communication platform designed to help groups manage their online interactions seamlessly and increase their digital presence. With Cahoot, our client was able to create a library of content to inform existing members of upcoming events and news articles. The platform streamlined and automated the publishing of information on their website, ensuring it was always up-to-date. Over a few weeks, Cahoot reduced the client’s dependency on offline communication methods such as newsletters and flyers. This solution also integrates with various social media channels which allowed the client to quickly publish their content on Facebook and helped them engage a younger and techno-centric audience to attract prospective members. The platform’s push notification feature ensured users of the Cahoot Mobile App received the client’s updates on time, every time.

Based on the feedback we received from our client, they were able to increase their online footprint and membership opportunities with the help of the Cahoot. The platform also reduced miscommunications and improved the quality of responsive engagement by allowing the client’s core team to control the communication being shared with existing and prospective members.

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Cahoot is enterprise-grade software built to make the job of managing content simple for organizations. With Cahoot, you can manage your content in a single place without the need to juggle multiple apps.

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